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Viva Argentina! Spice Things up with these Argentine Dishes!

When it comes to the World Cup, I’m rooting for Argentina! Why? The food! Why else would I care! Sure Holland (the team they’re playing tomorrow) has great donner, ice cream and orange-juice filled afternoons but I’ll take Argentine cuisine any day of the week. With Spanish, Italian and indigenous influences in its cuisine, Argentine […]

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5 New Ice Cream Flavors to try this Summer!

Ice cream, ice cream, who wants ice cream? Everyone right! Okay, lactose intolerant people aside, isn’t there just something wrong with people who say they don’t like ice cream?! I mean what’s wrong with those folks! All joking aside, I take my ice cream quite seriously. I mean I have the stuff at least 2 […]

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7 Tips for Making Great Vegetable Quiche

Sure, we Americans think of quiche as something special but did you know that quiche was once considered food for simple folk? That’s right, quiche originated not in France as is commonly assumed but in Germany,(1) though I should also mention the boundaries of that area (the Alsace-Lorraine region) have shifted right up until WWI. […]

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