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Culinary Trends

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Are Food Trucks Still A Viable Opportunity?

Everybody loves food trucks.  They’re easily accessible, they’re fun and, most times, the food they serve is delicious.  Question is: as a young restaurateur, does it make more sense to open your own food truck or is opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant smarter?  Does the larger investment make for a more sound and stable business?  Or […]

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Food Trends in 2016

More Funk in Food Considering the fact that people have been eating fermented foods since the dawn of civilization, one might say it’s taken some time for the American palate to attune itself to the flavor of funk.  We’re fully primed to appreciate the deeper, more complex flavors beyond the occasional get-down with a hunk […]

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Jon Favreau Forays into the L.A. Food Truck World with “Chef”

In 2014 after having made a number of highly successful big budget films including Iron Man, Cowboys and Aliens, and Iron Man 2, actor/writer/director Jon Favreau decided to mix things up and make something smaller, something closer to the independent spirit of some of his older films. Where would that pursuit take him? Ultimately right […]

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For the Love of Leeks – Part 2: Savory Leek and Tomato Turnovers

Want to appear effortlessly fabulous for your guests? Well get yourself some high-quality puff pastry dough (I use Dufour) and you can whip these babies up in a cinch. This recipe is seriously easy and seriously delicious. I mean these guys are good. So good in fact that I recommend making more than you think […]

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Watson Cooks: Will Computers Take Over our Kitchens?

When it comes to making the best tasting lasagna, ever thought you’d be competing with a computer? Alas, that day may be closer than you think. Watson, yes that very same Jeopardy-playing, artificially intelligent computer developed by IBM, has a penchant for creating new and rather interesting recipes. Well using the word “penchant” may be […]

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