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Reference Library

AAmerican Cuisine and American Cookbooks
BBOH Culinary Hierarchy
CChinese Cuisine and Chinese Cookbooks
Culinary Resource Materials
Culinary Techniques List
FFrench Cuisine and French Cookbooks
GGreek Cuisine and Greek Cookbooks
IIndian Cuisine and Indian Cookbooks
Italian Cuisine and Italian Cookbooks
JJapanese Cuisine and Japanese Cookbooks
MMexican Cuisine and Mexican Cookbooks
Molecular Gastronomy
NNotable Chefs from China
Notable Chefs in France
Notable Chefs from Greece
Notable Chefs from India
Notable Chefs from Italy
Notable Chefs from Japan
Notable Chefs from Mexico
Notable Chefs from Spain
Notable Chefs from Thailand
Notable Chefs from USA
SSpanish Cuisine and Cookbooks 
TThai Cuisine and Thai Cookbooks
CCulinary Trade Organizations and Associations
WWine and Beer Pairing, an Artistic Science


CASA Schools provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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