American Cuisine and Cookbooks

Just as the United States is an amalgamation of the cultures of centuries of immigrants, modern American cuisine is a fusion of traditional American cooking techniques, foreign and molecular gastronomy...

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BOH Culinary Hierarchy

Culinary Schools and restaurants are structured around modifications of the French Brigade System which organizes the kitchen staff in a hierarchy to most efficiently prepare food.  Developed by Chef Auguste...

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Chinese Cuisine and Cookbooks

CHINESE CUISINE There are countless variations on Chinese cuisine based on regional ethnicity, geography, resources and climate factors which led to the development of Cantonese, Shandong, Jiangsu and Sichuan cuisines. ...

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Culinary Reference Materials

BEER AND WINE PAIRING Science of Food and Wine Pairing Science of Food and Beer Pairing Gordon Ramsay on Food and Wine Pairing ADDITIONAL COOKERY REFERENCES Cookbooks Used By Famous...

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Culinary Techniques

Utilitarian Skills Food Handling: (food safety techniques)—Handling, preparing and storing food to prevent food-borne illnesses from occurring.  Proper food handling is based on four principles: clean, separate, chill and cook. A...

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French Cuisine and Cookbooks

French Cuisine French cuisine is synonymous with fine dining, after al,l France is the birthplace of the Michelin Guide and most restaurants use some form of the French Brigade to...

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Greek Cuisine and Cookbooks

GREEK CUISINE —From ancient times through to today, the most characteristic elements of Greek cuisine are olive oil and wine.  Historical culinary influences include Ottoman cuisine (baklava, gyro, moussaka and...

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Indian Cuisine and Cookbooks

INDIAN CUISINE —Although the cuisine of India is diverse due to both historical and geographical impact, overall it is known for its use of spices and being largely vegetarian based. ...

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