Trade Organizations

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics The world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. American Cheese Society Founded in 1983 to further cheese appreciation and home and farm cheesemaking. 1200...

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Thai Cuisine and Cookbooks

Thai Cuisine and Cookbooks —Thai food combines many disparate elements with an emphasis on aromatic and spicy components to produce complex flavors that work in harmony.  A typical Thai dish...

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Spanish Cuisine and Cookbooks

Spanish Cuisine The Spanish culture seemingly resolves around meals.  The typical day starts with desayuno (breakfast) before the workday starts.  In the afternoon, many businesses close down for two to...

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Notable Chefs, USA

Culinary Movers and Shakers, USA Grant Achatz is a chef and restaurateur recognized for his impact on molecular gastronomy.  His Chicago restaurant, Alinea and features his conceptual modernism style of cooking. ...

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Notable Chefs, Thailand

Influential Thai Chefs Sirichalerm Svastivadhana is respected master chef, gourmet expert and author.  His course, Principle of Thai Cookery, is part of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. Ian Kittichai is...

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Notable Chefs, Spain

Influential Spanish Chefs Ferran Adria is considered to be one of the founders of molecular gastronomy and the creator of the spherified, liquid olive which exemplifies his deconstructive cooking philosophy where...

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Notable Chefs, Mexico

INFLUENTIAL MEXICAN CHEFS Enrique Olvera is a renowned Mexican and molecular gastronomy chef.  He is the owner and head chef of Pujol restaurant in Mexico City which is ranked 13th in the...

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Notable Chefs, Japan

Influential Japanese Chefs Hanaya Yohei, is credited as the inventor of today’s Tokyo-style nigiri sushi.  Back in the 1800s food safety, especially with fish items, was a problem. Hanaya marinated...

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Notable Chefs, Italy

INFLUENTIAL ITALIAN CHEFS Massimo Bottura is one of Italy’s top chefs.  He is a partner in Osteria Francescana, consistently one of the world’s top five restaurants.  He collaborated with Marta Pulini...

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