A largely empty kitchen with a few chefs preparing food to illustrate the hierarchy of chefs.

What is the Hierarchy of Chefs

If movies and television can be believed (and they probably can’t), professional kitchens are usually run by tyrants with a bunch of underlings scurrying about with little order. In reality,...

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Two chefs working on plating a dish to illustrate do you need a degree to be a chef.

Do You Need a Degree to Be a Chef?

Aspiring chefs often find themselves at a crossroads, torn between the allure of formal education and the appeal of hands-on experience in the fiery realms of professional kitchens. Maybe you’ve...

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Two chefs at a cutting board, one of which is cutting a piece of meat to illustrate what are the duties of a chef

What are the Duties of a Chef

There’s a lot to like about becoming a chef: you have the freedom to express your creativity through food, design unique dishes, and experiment with flavors. You can push boundaries,...

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A group of students surrounding a mentor in a kitchen to illustrate how to become a chef.

How to Become a Chef

Being a professional chef offers a ton of rewarding experiences that make it an immensely gratifying career. It allows you to unleash your creativity and express yourself artistically through food,...

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A variety of chefs at work in a kitchen to illustrate how much do chefs make.

How much do chefs make

It certainly seems like the dream life if you love cooking: developing menus, preparing new and exciting dishes, and running a kitchen like a well-oiled machine. The position of an...

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Three spoons with different spices

American Cuisine and Cookbooks

Just as the United States is an amalgamation of the cultures of centuries of immigrants, modern American cuisine is a fusion of traditional American cooking techniques, foreign and molecular gastronomy...

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