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5 Tips and Gadgets to Make Holiday Cooking Easier

Love the holidays but dreading all the chaos, cleanup, chopping and shopping? Well, with a little planning and a the right supplies, you can make holiday cooking this season relatively...

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Grazia muffin pan

The Best Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets on a Budget

Fall is upon us and soon there will be so much cooking and baking to do! No matter whether you’re looking forward to it or have that little bit of...

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lemons and limes

5+ Cool Kitchen Gadgets to Put some Swing in your Spring!

#1      Got Citrus? Then you’ll this reamer and sprayer gadget dubbed the Stem & Citritwist for those fantastic mojitos you’ll be making! Developed by Quirky, the hottest new product company...

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Sign says no + chef

The Top Five Reasons to Avoid the Culinary Business

#1 You’ll Never Have Another Holiday Off again—Ever! When others are enjoying themselves during the holidays or after work, most often times you’re int eh kitchen making their holiday all...

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Photo of a Magimix machine

The Best Food Processors for $50, $200 and $350

Looking for an inexpensive food processor for the home? One that’ll help you get those meals on the table, whip up a quick soup, chop onions, carrots and maybe even...

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Mashed potatoes.

Tips for the Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Yup, it’s mashed potato time! Say what you will about the fat and richness of this oh so American dish but who doesn’t love a good, sizable dollop of mashed...

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