5 Food Trends for Spring 2015


Wondering what foods will be trending in Spring 2015? Unlike last year, this spring is less about shock value and more about pleasing the senses. Sure, we’re probably going to see a few more strange food mash-ups like last year’s infamous Cronut but mixing is more about what works rather than what is simply nouveau. And sure, Sriacha is still hot, hot, hot but so are sweet/spicy combinations like cayenne honey and jalapeño plum sauce.


Here’s the lowdown:


Garam Masala
Garam Masala

#1) Spice is nice, especially when blended.
Familiar with Garam Masala? Za’atar? How about Shichimi Togarashi or Ras el Hanout? All three are mixed spice blends. Plan on seeing them popping up everywhere, from the lollipop lamb chops at your favorite high-end restaurant to the seasoning on your fish at lunch.






#2) Sweet Corn Cakes

Ever have a sweet corn cake? If not, you’re definitely missing out. These delectable little cakes can be made Southern-Style, combined with flour and buttermilk and served like a regular pancake, topped with honey, molasses or maple syrup or you can do them Mexican-style. Mexican sweet corn cakes are just as fantastic but unlike actual “cakes” these are more like loosely formed patties or scoops made of sweet corn, cornmeal, masa harina, butter and cream. Now pair sweet corn cakes with something truly savory like Carolina barbecue or serve as a starter atop a salsa verde with a few slivers of radish and some roasted tomatillos with a dab of sour cream, and you’ll understand why these little cakes are becoming the darling of chefs from Boston to Miami.

Romanesco Broccoli. Photo  by Aurelien Guichard
Romanesco Broccoli. Photo by Aurelien Guichard


#3) Beautiful, Colorful Vegetables
Thanks to Pinterest and many a blog post about the color and even the geometry of certain vegetables, emphasis is, at least partly, back on the fractal beauty of a
Romanesco broccoli, a purple cauliflower, a sweet potato of the deepest burgundy hue, Chioggia Beets which are red outside, just like their “normal” cousins but when you slice them open, you’ll see a spiral peppermint candy design.


#4) Fruit and Nuts, Nuts and Fruit and Nuts
Nuts are popping up everywhere and so is dried fruit and oftentimes together. For desserts, think Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar on crack i.e. something like dark chocolate pudding packed with bourbon soaked dried cherries, plums, almonds and pecans, topped with a booze-enhanced meringue for good measure. Both nuts and dried fruit are likely to appear well before dessert, stews with plump cranberries, pistachio and sesame seeds will might be the crust on your fish and roasted pecans and Brazil nuts make a lovely accompaniment to a potato soup, Brussels sprouts salad, or vegetables julienne.

Shakshuka, origin North Africa
Shakshuka, origin North Africa


#5) “Ethnic” Eggs
We spent a couple years foraying away from the good ol’ chicken egg to try ostrich, duck, goose, and those ever-so-cute little quail eggs. Then, we wanted to cook eggs sous vide, slow-cooked and wet like the French make ’em. Now, we’re back on hen eggs but we’re taking tips from the Italians, Iranians, Kenyans and every other country around the world that knows how to do a good egg. A Google search will yield you thousands of results. FYI: tomatoes and tomato paste is a very popular friend to the egg, from Tehran to Lagos.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed 5 Food Trends for Spring 2015!
Until next time, Happy Eating!

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