Five L.A. Fall Food Trends

What foods are trending in Los Angeles this fall? Gone is the love of super heavy, rich food, though some of it is sure to creep back in as we move closer and closer towards the holidays. For the most part, the emphasis for Fall 2015 is on health and making choices that are generally better for the environment and the world. Then, there’s always got to be a bit of experimentation and zaniness to keep things interesting. Here’s how we’re doing it:

#1 Vegetable Food Yogurt

Angelinos love fun, sun, and yogurt. It’s just a fact. The creamy, delicious delight isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Surprisingly, despite being viewed as a ‘healthy alternative’ most yogurt is packed with nearly as much sugar as candy, and as much fat as ice cream. Nevertheless, this fact is something people remain blissfully unaware of or just willfully ignore.

An alternative is hitting L.A. soon—Vegetable Yogurt. That’s right. Flavors include: butternut squash, beet, carrot, and tomato. Tomato yogurt? Indeed. It’s coming. Get ready for an experience.


#2 Ramen Burgers

Ramen burgers are everywhere in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and destined for every foodie centered town across the nation. Congealed ramen noodles have taken the place of buns, bread, and cabbage wrap.

The unconventional bun (of sorts) has also taken a strong foothold with millennials who aren’t particularly inclined to bread buns. Expect the incursion of ramen buns at your next barbecue and on menus everywhere, alongside more traditional favorites.


#3 Apples and Truffles

Fall is going to see some unmistakable dishes that make the most of interplay between strikingly different ingredients. Amongst chefs, chief among these nouvelle combinations is apples and black and/or white truffles. The closer we get towards the holidays, the more you’ll see apples and truffles incorporated into dishes that have traditionally featured savory products like pork, duck, and sausage.


#4 Kalettes

Kale, kale, we all like kale. The superfood green leaf has gone from stews, to salads, to chips and now it’s been genetically engineered into vegetable that’s part leafy kale, part Brussel Sprout. The result is a small, sturdy stalk like the miniature cabbage form of the Brussels Sprout with the leafy plume of the kale. Well, regardless of how you feel about playing with one’s food, prepare yourself for Kalettes, poised to hit restaurants in coming months.


#5 Beets Not Beef

From farm to plate, every one=pound-burger patty requires 1,799 gallons of water to produce. For this and a host of other reasons, even omnivorous restaurants are limiting their use of beef. One trending strategy is: go beet, not beef. Believe it or not, beets can be prepared in numerous manners, even mimicking the texture and savory goodness of meat. Will this healthier alternative become a mainstay? Or is this just another culinary flash in the pan? Only time will tell.


Until next time…

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