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5 Eggs Benedict Inspired Dishes

Poached eggs, ham, Hollandaise, what could be better? How about a bit of variety? Or how about something just a little less heavy? Maybe a little less ham-forward? Here’s a...

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food lovers at meetup

Five Fun Foodie Ideas to Feed your Inner Gastronome

#1 – Meetup with Others! Food lovers in nearly every city across the U.S. flock to Meetup when they’re looking to dine, cook, can, potluck and party together. How else...

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Shrimp and grits

5 Southern Dishes You’ve Got to Eat

Southern food is just about as popular as Country Music. Yup, it’s everywhere. Sure you can say Southern cooking is all the rage because it hearkens back to a simpler...

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Homemade Pizza and Craft Beer Party for Less than $50

The pizza party is not just for kids. Talking, having a few beers or some wine and making pizzas together is a totally fun, anti-stuffy way to have a great...

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Don’t Want to Cook that Goose This Year? Check out our Alternative Christmas Dinner Ideas

Okay the feasting day(s) are upon us and if you’re anything like me, you might be feeling like doing something just a bit different this year. Since Christmas Eve is...

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Cornbread and cheddar muffins.

Great Cornbread Muffins 2 Ways — Sweet or Savory

I love cornbread. When I was growing up, my Southern grandmother made cornbread in a variety of ways, usually the kind that isn’t sweet and sometimes she added fresh corn...

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pumpkin bread

The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe, Pumpkin Bread Recipe and More (Part 2)

Looking for Pumpkin Pie? Get my recipe in Part 1of this post. As promised, I’m back with more pumpkin bread and pumpkin pancakes, so sidle-up with that pumpkin spice latte...

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Five Fall Food Trends

Sure it’s fall, sure the holidays are just around the corner but that’s no reason to have to be all conventional about it! We can have fun can’t we? While...

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