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The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe, Pumpkin Bread Recipe and More (Part 1)

Posted: by in Culinary Delights, Culinary Trends

Looking for Pumpkin Bread? Find the recipe in Part 2 of this series! Happy baking! Yup, I’m a sucker for real, traditional, yummy pumpkin pie with a fair amount of spice, great texture and a nicely baked crust. If you’re looking for some nouveau pumpkin pie recipe, you won’t find it here. I’m pretty much […]

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Plating and Food Presentation: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical

Posted: by in Culinary Education

A few days ago, I spoke with Chef Martin Gilligan about how chefs arrange the food on the plate i.e. plating and food presentation. When it comes to the culinary arts, food plating is something lots of people want to know about. Not surprisingly, our Principle Academic Advisor had lots of great information to share […]

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Cooking Asparagus—The Right Ways to Do it

Posted: by in Culinary Delights, Culinary Education

When it comes to cooking asparagus many of us just automatically steam or simmer it, considering that’s the way our folks probably did it. In my home, asparagus was that ugly 70s split pea green color and came doused with lots of ranch dressing. Were it not for the dressing, those depressing, wilted stalks would […]

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Five Fall Breads You’ve Probably Never Even Heard Of

I love zucchini bread. I love banana bread. I love bread. But, considering we’ve all had zucchini and banana, I put my mind to finding five different breads that make the most of the season’s wonderful fruits, vegetables or spices. Drumroll please? #1) Broccoli Bread That’s right broccoli + bread. That vegetable you probably pushed […]

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Tips for the Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Yup, it’s mashed potato time! Say what you will about the fat and richness of this oh so American dish but who doesn’t love a good, sizable dollop of mashed spuds?! Want to know how to make mashed potatoes that are worthy of a feast? Read on for tips and links to great info that’ll […]

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Umami—That Thing We’re Craving

The elusive fifth taste is what we’re talking about here. Any respectable cook or chef probably knows umami loosely translates into “delicious taste” from umai (うまい) “delicious” and mi (味) “taste” (source here). This kind of savory goodness is found in foods that are high in monosodium glutamate, things like moldy cheese, miso, seaweed, steak, […]

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