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About Author: Liya Swift
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Liya Swift is a freelance writer, blogger, entrepreneur and lover of all things related to learning and food (though not always in that order). Working hard, playing hard and finding fulfillment by being a part of great projects are a big part of what drives this self-starter. Laughter, zaniness and fresh new perspectives are always part of the quest. Travel, hiking and yes, cooking and eating is how she spends most of her days and then there’s the salsa classes….

Posts by Liya Swift:

What You Don’t Know about Bay

  In a recent blog post, Kenji Alt Lopez hit the nail on the head when he said, “Bay leaf, by its very nature, plays second fiddle to other, more prominent flavors.” Basically, you might not notice it when it’s there but you’ll most definitely miss it when it’s gone. When it comes to any […]

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Let’s Get Cultured!

Looking for a little culture in your life? Well instead of season tickets to the theatre or French lessons, embrace the culture  afforded to us by good, old-fashioned milk. When you think about it, it’s pretty amazing that people way back, on opposite sides of the planet,  figured out how to manipulate the proteins in […]

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5 Food Trends for Spring 2015

Wondering what foods will be trending in Spring 2015? Unlike last year, this spring is less about shock value and more about pleasing the senses. Sure, we’re probably going to see a few more strange food mash-ups like last year’s infamous Cronut but mixing is more about what works rather than what is simply nouveau. […]

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