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About Author: Liya Swift
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Liya Swift is a freelance writer, blogger, entrepreneur and lover of all things related to learning and food (though not always in that order). Working hard, playing hard and finding fulfillment by being a part of great projects are a big part of what drives this self-starter. Laughter, zaniness and fresh new perspectives are always part of the quest. Travel, hiking and yes, cooking and eating is how she spends most of her days and then there’s the salsa classes….

Posts by Liya Swift:

How are You Going to Prepare the Thanksgiving Turkey this Year? The Pros and Cons of Brining, Frying and Roasting that Turkey.

Why Brine? Brined turkey is all the rage this year and for good reason. When you brine what you’re actually doing is introducing more fluid into the myofibrils of the meat, allowing them to swell up to twice their original size. This results in a moister turkey and moist turkey is what it’s all about. […]

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Five Fall Food Trends

Sure it’s fall, sure the holidays are just around the corner but that’s no reason to have to be all conventional about it! We can have fun can’t we? While fall and the fast-approaching winter are often thought of as times for those oh so well-known comfort foods, incorporating a few of the fall’s top […]

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