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Toum – Intense Mediterranean Garlic Dipping Sauce

If you’re a fan of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cuisine such as Greek, Lebanese, or Armenian cooking, chances are you’re very familiar with the almightily strong garlic dipping sauce. You know, it’s that super delicious and super garlicky stuff they serve next to the Shish Tawook aka Chicken Kabob and a slew of other faves. […]

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Five Food Hacks for an Easy 4th of July Celebration!

#1–One Barbecue Sauce, Three Ways Most regular barbeque sauces are nothing more than ketchup, some added vinegar, spice, brown sugar and maybe a bit of Worcestershire and garlic powder. You can basically whip this stuff up on your own. Whether homemade or not, good ol’ basic barbeque sauce can easily transform into Asian-style with the […]

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Lime Mint Watermelon a.k.a Mojito Watermelon Salad

Love watermelon? Find you’re often looking for ways to make it sweeter or more refreshing? Well, this recipe takes just minutes and is just as great with perfectly-sweet-watermelon as it is with melons that are less than stellar in sweetness or juiciness. For serving, chill a glass or porcelain serving bowl and if it’s a […]

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For the Love of Leeks – Part 3: Leek Mango Chutney

Sweet, tangy, spicy and wonderfully layered, Leek Mango Chutney is a delightful alternative to heavier chutneys and sauces. It pairs beautifully with any kind of white fish and despite the odd pairing, it’s a total showstopper served alongside Jamaican Jerk Chicken (for total perfection, add cooked plantains as a side). This recipe is a great […]

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For the Love of Leeks – Part 1: Rustic Italian Leeks

Leeks oh leeks! They’re that strange cousin to the ubiquitous domestic onion and close relatives to elephant garlic and an Egyptian sister called kurrat, a flowering leek of sorts with a nearly identical flavor. More importantly, leeks are really, really delicious. They have a sweet, mild onion-like flavor with none of the harshness of regular […]

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