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Jon Favreau Forays into the L.A. Food Truck World with “Chef”

In 2014 after having made a number of highly successful big budget films including Iron Man, Cowboys and Aliens, and Iron Man 2, actor/writer/director Jon Favreau decided to mix things up and make something smaller, something closer to the independent spirit of some of his older films. Where would that pursuit take him? Ultimately right […]

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Molecular Gastronomy in 2015 and Beyond

A few years ago there were two words that were on everyone’s lips—molecular gastronomy. It was simultaneously being heralded as the worst thing to happen to food since McDonalds and the greatest culinary achievement made since Georges Auguste Escoffier developed the brigade de cuisine in the first decade of the twentieth century. These days, it’s […]

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The Difference Between Macaron and Macaroon Explained

For those of us afflicted with a sweet tooth there are nearly countless sources of culinary delights but one delight in particular, the macaron, has been getting plenty of attention lately. This has prompted me revisit the debate: Is it macaron or macaroon? Answer: It’s both. The common misconception is that the words “macaron” and […]

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