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Spanish Cuisine and Cookbooks 

Spanish Cuisine


The Spanish culture seemingly resolves around meals.  The typical day starts with desayuno (breakfast) before the workday starts.  In the afternoon, many businesses close down for two to three hours for la comida (lunch).   In the late evening, a light la cena (dinner) is eaten. Throughout the day, tapas (appetizers) or an afternoon la merienda (snack) may be consumed to bridge the gaps between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner.


Sides:  gachas, hornazo, cocido, escudella, cuajada, natillas, morcilla, Cecina, chistorra, fuet, pan con tomate, tostada, croquettes, tortilla espanola, mallorcan tumbet.


Main Dishes: Chicharrón, cuchifritos, escabeche, fideua, paella, ropa vieja, cochinillo, jamón, lechazo, tortilla de patatas, albondigas, gazpacho, patatas bravas, pisto, chorizo, salchichón, pulpo a la gallega, fabada asturiana, bocadillos, gambas al ajillo, san jacobos, tigres. 


Desserts: churros, flan, marzipan, panellets, teja, tortell, turron, leche frita.


Beverages: Aquardiente, herbero, orujo, patxaran, sangria, sidra, horchata.


Spanish Cuisine Cookbooks


Penelope Casas.  1,000 Spanish Recipes.

This cookbook is the culmination of Casa’s 40-year career as an expert on Spanish food.  The book is a collection of simple and precise recipes that cover regional delights from Galicia to Madrid to the Canary Islands with recipes for tapas, soups, salads, main courses, breads and desserts. 


Claudia Roden.  The Food of Spain.

The result of five years of research, this cookbook tracks the influence of Spain’s history on its food.  It covers everything from simple, rustic tapas to delicately flavored soups to elaborate celebratory dishes, cakes and desserts.


Simone and Ines Ortega.  1080 Recipes.

Known as the bible of Spanish cooking, the book contains recipes from all regions of Spain.  This definitive guide to authentic Spanish cuisine includes everything from appetizers to stews, from vegetables to desserts all updated and revised for English-speaking markets.


Anya von Bremzen.  The New Spanish Table.

300 recipes with an emphasis on modern gastronomy takes on traditional Spanish recipes offered by taberna owners, Michelin chefs, farmers, fishermen, winemakers and even cooking nuns.


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