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Notable Chefs, Spain

Influential Spanish Chefs


Ferran Adria is considered to be one of the founders of molecular gastronomy and the creator of the spherified, liquid olive which exemplifies his deconstructive cooking philosophy where the goal is to provide unexpected contrasts of flavor, temperature and texture.  He started as a line cook at the famous elBulli restaurant and quickly worked his way up to head chef of the three Michelin star restaurant. He’s authored multiple books including A Day at ElBulli.


Martín Berasategui is one of the founders of New Basque Cuisine.  His career as a chef started in the family restaurant, Bodegon Alejandro where he earned his first Michelin star.  He has since opened Lasarte-Oria and Restaurante Martin Berasategui, both of which have been awarded three Michelin stars making him the most Michelin awarded chef in Spain.  He has authored numerous cookbooks in Spanish.


Carme Ruscalleda is the world’s only female chef to awarded five Michelin stars.  Restaurants include Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar and Moments in Barcelona and Sant Pau de Toquio in Tokyo.  Her cuisine is predominantly traditional Catalonian food, open to world influences. Her books include Carme Ruscalleda’s Mediterranean Cuisine.

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