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About Author: Liya Swift

Liya Swift is a freelance writer, blogger, entrepreneur and lover of all things related to learning and food (though not always in that order). Working hard, playing hard and finding fulfillment by being a part of great projects are a big part of what drives this self-starter. Laughter, zaniness and fresh new perspectives are always part of the quest. Travel, hiking and yes, cooking and eating is how she spends most of her days and then there’s the salsa classes….

Posts by Liya Swift:

CASA grad Josmira Batista Got Hired

CASA graduate Josmira Batista was on her way to becoming a nurse when she had the realization that nursing, as noble a career as it is, just wasn’t for her. Since then, Josmira’s love of food has grown, leading her to new awakenings and a whole new career path that’s full of promise, exploration, and […]

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CASA graduate Rachel Ulansey Gets Trained & Hired in Culinary in Months!

Already possessing her bachelor’s degree in business, Rachel Ulansey enrolled in CASA after life experiences and travels to different countries underscored just how passionate she was about food. We connected with the recent CASA graduate to learn more about her journey into the culinary arts, the intense, quick paced culinary training she received through CASA, […]

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2019 Student Success Stories

CASA graduate Justin Zhao Connected with World-Renowned Chefs and Got Several Job Offers! When CASA grad Justin Zhao got an offer from our Career Services department to volunteer at the 2019 All Star Chefs Classic in Los Angeles, he jumped on the opportunity to put his newly acquired culinary skills to work. During the four […]

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Fun Facts About Butter

Butter in Ancient Times   Butter was so precious to the Norsemen that they were buried with large tubs full of the stuff to take with them into the afterlife.  However, we do know Europeans referred to the invading Vikings as “butter eaters.” Nevertheless, the taste for butter caught on.  By the 12th century, Scandinavian […]

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