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About Author: Liya Swift

Liya Swift is a freelance writer, blogger, entrepreneur and lover of all things related to learning and food (though not always in that order). Working hard, playing hard and finding fulfillment by being a part of great projects are a big part of what drives this self-starter. Laughter, zaniness and fresh new perspectives are always part of the quest. Travel, hiking and yes, cooking and eating is how she spends most of her days and then there’s the salsa classes….

Posts by Liya Swift:

2019 Student Success Stories

CASA graduate Justin Zhao Connected with World-Renowned Chefs and Got Several Job Offers! When CASA grad Justin Zhao got an offer from our Career Services department to volunteer at the 2019 All Star Chefs Classic in Los Angeles, he jumped on the opportunity to put his newly acquired culinary skills to work. During the four […]

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Fun Facts About Butter

Butter in Ancient Times   Butter was so precious to the Norsemen that they were buried with large tubs full of the stuff to take with them into the afterlife.  However, we do know Europeans referred to the invading Vikings as “butter eaters.” Nevertheless, the taste for butter caught on.  By the 12th century, Scandinavian […]

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The Mother Sauces are Nothing to Be Afraid Of

The “mother sauces” were developed during the early 1800s by the bastion of French cuisine, Marie-Antoine Carême, and are a mainstay of French cuisine and cooking in general.  Except for Hollandaise, all the mother sauces start with a roux at their foundation which begs the question: what is a roux?  Answer: nothing to be afraid […]

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Food Trends in 2016

More Funk in Food Considering the fact that people have been eating fermented foods since the dawn of civilization, one might say it’s taken some time for the American palate to attune itself to the flavor of funk.  We’re fully primed to appreciate the deeper, more complex flavors beyond the occasional get-down with a hunk […]

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Chef Tips for an Easier Holiday Dinner

#1 Have a Lot of Guests? Go Buffet! If you’ve got plenty of guests coming to your holiday dinner, say more than 12, a buffet setup might be perfect for you.  Serve dishes on a sideboard or bar area where people can help themselves to seconds and thirds.  If you simply must do the traditional […]

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Spiced Orange Rum Cake

Festive, yet refreshingly different, this spiced orange rum cake is easy to make but requires one to two days to sit, to allow the flavors to deepen. Trust me, it’s worth the wait. Also, note some of the brown sugar and the rum is reserved for the pour over, after baking and for the glaze, […]

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Bake Better Cookies with these 5 Tips

Whether you’re making chocolate chip, peanut putter blossom, sugar or gingerbread cookies, these five helpful tips will help ensure your cookies have the best texture and flavor. # 1 – Use Real, Expensive Vanilla Fork over the dough and invest in a nice bottle of high-quality Madagascar stuff. Nielsen-Massey and J.R. Watkins both make great […]

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5 Tips and Gadgets to Make Holiday Cooking Easier

Love the holidays but dreading all the chaos, cleanup, chopping and shopping? Well, with a little planning and a the right supplies, you can make holiday cooking this season relatively stress-free and enjoyable. 1 – Source Make-Ahead Recipes When browsing through those holiday recipes, look for the all-important phrase “make ahead.”  A slew of different […]

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