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5+ Cool Kitchen Gadgets to Put some Swing in your Spring!

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#1      Got Citrus?

Then you’ll this reamer and sprayer gadget dubbed the Stem & Citritwist for those fantastic mojitos you’ll be making! Developed by Quirky, the hottest new product company since Oxo, all you have to do is pop the Stem directly into a lemon the next time you want a little fresh lemon on that grilled salmon. The accompanying Citritwist is a grip-friendly reamer that helps you do an expert job of extracting all of the juice from just about any citrus fruit you can think of (except for maybe kumquats). Considering the high price of limes it’s a good investment that’ll help stretch that dollar of yours. While Citritwist is a great choice for anything that calls for citrus juice, if you’re making a whole pitcher of OJ, you’ll still want to opt for that good ol’ orange juicer.

#2     Kabob-ing it?
Love throwing stuff on the grill? Well whether its whole onions, jumbo shrimp or chicken kabobs these Slide and Serve Skewers will have you wondering, how come they didn’t make this sooner? Look at the simple design of these things and it really is mind-blowing we had to wait until 2014 to see these come to market. These look just like flattened metal skewers. To use them just slide your meat, veggies or whatever onto the skewers and grill as you normally would. When you’re ready to plate, simply grab the slider and slide the food right onto the plate. Most of us who grill pretty regularly have forever been using clean dishcloths, forks or whatever we have handy to slide our grilled foods off the skewer once they’re cooked. This does just the same thing but with better results.

#3     Margaritas, Smoothies, Dips and Other Stuff
If you’ve been putting off buying that blender, now’s the time to do it! Spring and summer are blender time and you’re going to want something powerful and versatile enough to do everything from frappes and smoothies to gazpacho, hummus and maybe even a nut-butter or two.
If you don’t have the bucks for a Vitamix the Oster Versa will do nicely for about half the price. Reviews across the board are very favorable. Cons are pretty minor but include a less-than-easy cleanup and uncovered buttons, meaning if you spill or splatter, stuff can seep inside the button holes. Nevertheless, it’s the one I’m buying! See it here.

#4     Cupcakes for ALL!
Yes that cupcake trend is still going strong and why wouldn’t it? These easy, delicious cakes bring a smile to just about everyone’s faces. Grab a pack or two of these reusable silicone cupcake muffin cups and you don’t have to worry about greasing and flouring pans or wasting paper when you buy paper cupcake liners. These dishwasher-safe Chef’n VeggiChop Vegetable Chopper

*Pick #2 Prepworks GPC-4000 Fruit & Vegetable Chopper

#5     +How Pineapple-y are YOU?
Okay, if pineapple is a once-a-year kinda’ thing this isn’t for you. But if you love pineapple but hate spending 30 minutes at the sink to slice it up, this is for you! The PostShare

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