2 month program

International Cooking and the Cold Kitchen

Heard, Chef.

In the Pro Series 3 Program, you’ll compare and contrast advanced food preparation and cooking techniques from around the world. You’ll also learn how to manage a garde manger where cold dishes are prepared (salads, charcuterie, and so on).

Kick Up Your Culinary Career with our International Cooking Program

Do you already have a background in the culinary arts, but want to expand your horizons? The Chef Apprentice of Culinary Arts Pro Series 2 Program was made for you. You’ll take what you already know to exciting new places and prepare yourself for an entry-level job in a restaurant as a cook or line cook. You’ll learn classical cooking techniques, kitchen operations, food chemistry, and more in this advanced program.

You’ll begin the program in a professional kitchen, learning alongside a chef with years of industry experience. See how a real-world kitchen operates, get a better understanding of kitchen equipment, and learn how to prepare the kitchen for cooking. This one-on-one experience just can’t be replicated in a classroom or with several other students in a test kitchen.


Your International Cooking Program Curriculum

Along with your in-person sessions, you’ll have structured virtual assignments to give you a well-rounded education in the culinary arts. You’ll work with meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, and more, follow shopping lists, and prepare recipes as directed by your mentor. You’ll document your work as part of a Culinary Portfolio that will be reviewed at the end of the program.

These aren’t random videos or online tutorials you stumble across online–these are structured lessons, focused on giving you the skills you’ll need to further your cooking career. As part of your education, you’ll visit a butcher or fishmonger to learn more about the food you’ll be preparing in your culinary career. You’ll document your experience and include it in your final presentation.

Private Learning
Cook 134 Recipes
Job Placement



Engage with TWO PROS – a PRO CHEF who is your Mentor and an Academic Facilitator who is your Career Coach from the first day you enroll.


Cook over 134 recipes created by PROS crafted just for our students as part of your ongoing training and growth.


Get placed inside a professional restaurant anywhere in the U.S. and finish your studies off as an apprentice, in the real world.


Learn One on One and Privately from a PRO CHEF. We call this Culinary Bootcamp. 25 hours of private one-on-one instruction.


While you are working with a PRO, study at home and create culinary creations from our family of Pro Chefs.


You Graduate in 6 Months (24-Weeks) for 1/4 of the price* of traditional culinary programs.

*Not all programs are available in every state. Consult an Admissions Representative to learn more.

All this in 6 months and for 75% less tuition costs than most all other Culinary Schools.

With CASA, you learn one-on-one in a real kitchen. We will give you private lessons while the restaurant is closed or slow. As you learn privately, you will be studying and cooking at home too.

After you complete all your recipes (134 of them to be exact) and once you complete all your private lessons with the pro chef, we will place you in a real restaurant anywhere in the U.S. to finish your studies as an apprentice in the real world.

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You will be mentored by an expert chef and gain real-world experience in an actual kitchen. Professional chefs have never been in such high demand and our job placement is unmatched in the industry.

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Entering the culinary arts world loaded down in debt can seriously thwart your future success. CASA’s curriculum-backed, on-the-job training is time-efficient and cost-efficient.

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While completion of the Chef Apprentice of Culinary Arts Pro Series 1 Program is advisable, it isn’t necessary. We do recommend having at least some experience in the culinary arts, which could include life experience. You will need to complete a ServSafe Safe Food Handler Certification before beginning the program, however.

This eight-week program includes two in-person courses in your mentor’s professional kitchen and six at-home virtual lessons.

CASA Programs are specifically designed to keep you out of debt so we keep tuition as low as possible. The Pro Series Programs were created to give students access to a culinary education without having to spend months in a classroom or come up with an exorbitant amount of money.

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*Not all programs are available in every state. Consult an Admissions Representative to learn more.