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Artisan Baking School

Part soul, part science, a true baker brings passion and persistence to the craft.

CASA Artisan Bread Baking SchoolIf you want to build a career in artisan baking, CASA may be able to help you get on the right path, acquiring skills and knowhow by training within a professional kitchen or bakery. Prior to starting our culinary arts program, students interview with their potential mentor to discuss their interests, future career goals, and past baking experience. Whether they have spent years baking bread on their own or are passionate newcomers to the craft, the flexibility of our program makes it possible for students to gain an insider’s perspective of artisanal baking that goes beyond what’s found in cookbooks and online videos. We believe in our unique method of placing individuals in real, professional kitchens and bakeries for direct, one-on-one instruction empowers aspiring bakers and chefs to develop the insight and understanding needed to build a firm foundation in the craft of baking. Want to know more? Reach out to our Admissions Department to see what CASA can do for you. Offerings are subject to availability in your area.   Today, our mentor-apprentice model of culinary arts education is not typical in the United States. Prior to the advent of the modern-day cooking and baking schools, apprenticing under a skilled baker, often for many years, was how aspiring bakers gained mastery of the craft. Once they had completed their apprenticeships, they then moved on to set up shop in another town or area. This same tradition is still alive and well in many parts of the world, especially throughout Europe. At CASA, we use the same basic approach of matching a dedicated aspirant with a professional baker or chef who has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to share.   CASA provides a structured curriculum that is created to maximize learning within the culinary world, not outside of it. Our coursework is designed to engender curiosity, originality, and future growth. When you enroll in our culinary school, the baker or chef you train with will be a professional with experience in artisan bread making.   We believe training directly with someone who actively earns their living in the food industry is the most effective and efficient way to build great skills in a matter of months, not years. In most cases, CASA apprentice externship lesson days and times are flexible, making it possible for many working adults to get the training they need while keeping their current jobs. Of course, apprenticeship is not for everyone. But if you are an individual who is not afraid of hard work (and baking is such a profession) and who is committed to learning and furthering their understanding of professional culinary practices, this may be the program for you. Because apprentices train within the actual local culinary scene and restaurant industry, they can forge solid connections with professional chefs and bakers. The culinary art world is largely connection-based. While other professions have taken to the internet to recruit new hires, in the food world, phone calls and emails to friends of friends are still the way people get work.  

Coursework is delivered via distance education and completed at a location determined by the student. Externship apprenticeship locations may be up to 60 miles away from the student’s address. The externship apprenticeship mentor will work with each student on structuring a specific schedule. The student agrees that he/she/they will be available to meet with the mentor for a minimum of two sessions per week.

If you’re interested in any of the following careers in culinary, please contact our Admissions Department:

Pastry Chef
Or learn about our Gourmet Chef Program

CASA Schools provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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