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Springing into Spring 2014: Pairing Flavors to Excite the Senses

So what’s it going to be this year, huh? Can you feel it? Bet you can. Spring it always about rejuvenation, rebirth (across many cultures), and celebrating the planet’s bounty of good things to eat. Even more than usual, this spring is turning out to be exceptionally bright, light and downright fun for chefs and […]

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Umami—That Thing We’re Craving

The elusive fifth taste is what we’re talking about here. Any respectable cook or chef probably knows umami loosely translates into “delicious taste” from umai (うまい) “delicious” and mi (味) “taste” (source here). This kind of savory goodness is found in foods that are high in monosodium glutamate, things like moldy cheese, miso, seaweed, steak, […]

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