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A Real-World Education in the Culinary Arts at CASA Culinary Schools in Brooklyn 

A career in the culinary arts is both rewarding and exciting. However, traditional educational paths can be expensive and limit students to learning inside a classroom kitchen without real-world knowledge. At CASA, our focus is on real-world practical experience that won’t saddle you with massive student loan debt. Our students will not only gain valuable experience in the culinary arts but also be connected with potential employers in their field after graduation.

We pair each student with an experienced chef mentor who will guide them through prepping food, creating culinary masterpieces, and understanding how a professional kitchen operates. It’s also important that our students are exposed to different types of cuisines so they can gain an appreciation for the diversity of flavors and unique cooking techniques. We believe that this kind of mentorship is essential for any aspiring chef to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Get on the Ground Floor of A Re-Emerging Food Scene

Restaurants in Brooklyn are experiencing a renaissance of sorts and may challenge Manhatten as the culinary epicenter of New York. By taking advantage of residential locations, eating locally has never been more appropriate. More urban neighborhoods like Dumbo have also seen a restaurant resurgence.

Traditional locations are still going strong, too, buoyed by some of the top chefs in the country. Missy Robbins and Greg Braxtrom have earned Michelin stars and Oxalis, the Llama Inn, For All Good Things, Claro, Miss Ada, and other restaurants have all had Michelin recognition as well. It’s fertile ground to learn about different cuisines from some of the highest-rated eateries in the city.

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You will be mentored by an expert chef and gain real-world experience in an actual kitchen. Professional chefs have never been in such high demand and our job placement is unmatched in the industry.

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All this for well under what most culinary schools charge in tuition we are committed to keeping you out of insurmountable debt.

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Entering the culinary arts world loaded down in debt can seriously thwart your future success. CASA’s curriculum-backed, on-the-job training is time-efficient and cost-efficient.

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