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Larry King Talks Apprenticeship

Watch RRFC’s Chef Apprentice School of the Arts CEO Jimi Petulla
discuss the benefits and success of a mentor/apprentice approach to education.

Gourmet Chef CASA, The Culinary Apprenticeshipship School of the Arts is dedicated to matching hardworking, ambitious individuals with professional chefs, restaurateurs, and artisan bakers who will mentor them directly within the real world of the culinary arts.   We get students in the door on day one where they’re able to build the vital connections that often lead to work.   Our intense, in-industry program enables individuals to gain entry into the culinary arts without being weighed down by massive amounts of student loan debt.   It is our mission to provide affordable, effective culinary arts training to people who will show up, try their best, and make the most of opportunity.   
Hear what CASA CEO Jimi Petulla has to say about our programs:
We believe in getting passionate individuals right where they need to be to build their skills and launch their careers.   The Culinary Apprenticeshipship School of the Arts gets you where you need to be to make it happen.

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